Action Plan for Editing a Dissertation on Aviation

Deciding to write a dissertation on aviation is a brilliant idea. These days, the aviation industry affects many people from all around the world. Besides, people can expect many advantages from the aviation industry. Your dissertation can be very interesting and beneficial for many people. In order to make your masterpiece ensure your expertise in the field, you need to edit your dissertation before it goes to public. The editing process requires a good action plan. Following the sequence of steps stated below can help you produce a fantastic masterpiece.

1. Get some distance between yourself and the dissertation

Researching and writing a dissertation can take many of your precious hours. Therefore, before you start proofreading and editing your work, it is necessary for you to get some distance from your dissertation. If you insist on editing as soon as you done writing, you may miss some mistakes. Just put aside your work for a week or two. However, it is advised that you avoid being too familiar with the masterpiece at first. If you are too familiar with it, you may overlook noticeable mistakes.

When the time comes for you to start editing, you should print your work and read it entirely. Take a pen to mark mistakes you may make. Ideally, you read through it four times. Read it every two days.

2. Check for content ordering issues

The next step you need to take is to check for content ordering issues. At first, focus on your thesis statement. If necessary, read it many times so you can make sure that it covers the main point you have to say. It is obvious that you will use certain terms on aviation in your work. Explain the terms you use because the work will not read by the committee merely. Make sure that ordinary people are able to grab your main point. When proofreading it you find irrelevant information, just eliminate it and try to find some more necessary information.

3. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines required

Dissertations on aviation usually follow the American Psychological Association style. So, you need to understand the style well. If your committee requires you to follow certain guidelines, of course you need to make sure that the work meets the guidelines required. Take a look at the graphs and charts you include in the dissertation and make certain that they are formatted properly according to the guidelines. You are also required to provide an appropriate works cited page. List all of the sources according to the guidelines too.

4. Have someone read your masterpiece

After you proofread the dissertation yourself and make necessary changes, it is recommended that you have someone read through your work. Considering that aviation is a specific field that not all people have enough knowledge in the field, it will be wise for you to have a classmate of yours proofread your work. You can ask the classmate to mark mistakes and errors you may miss to revise.

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