Helping your High School Musician Secceed in Band

As much as you might not want to believe it, high school band is a competition. If your kids are in the high school band, or even middle school to some extent, you’ve probably seen them come home upset at one point or another when they didn’t make first chair in their section. As a parent, this can be tough, because you want to see your kids succeed without putting too much pressure on them.

Parents can be one of the main factors when it comes to helping their kids become great musicians in high school, which can then lead to success in college and beyond. In fact, many schools even offer scholarships for band members, which can be a great way to afford college for people that might not traditionally be able to. If you’ve been looking for ways to help your high school musician succeed at band, look no further, and check out these tips.


After School Help
One of the best ways to help your kids succeed at high school band is to have outside help. Sure, they are probably learning a lot in school, but without private lessons they won’t be able to achieve the success that some of their classmates have. Getting your kids after school help in the form of a tutor is a fantastic way to help them get ahead.

Consult a local tutoring service to find the perfect tutor for your kid’s needs. There are tutors that work with all skill levels, and that are available essentially every day of the week. This is perhaps the best way for your high school musician to become more advanced, because he or she will be getting music lessons tailored to their ability. Whether you hire a tutor for a few months or stay with the same tutor throughout your son or daughter’s entire career, having some afterschool help will no doubt help your child become first chair.

Create a “Practice Center”
This is something that obviously depends on the size of your home, but sometimes high school musicians don’t practice enough simply because they don’t have the space too. Even if they are very dedicated to their instrument, they might want to be able to practice in an area that isn’t in the same room as everybody else in the family.
If you have a spare bedroom or a basement of some sort, opt to make it a place where your son or daughter can practice his or her instrument in peace. This will encourage practicing, and help your son or daughter become better.


Offer Motivation and a Reward
No matter how motivated your son or daughter is when it comes to high school band, he or she might lose some of that motivation if they feel like they aren’t achieving their goals. Help them recapture that motivation by offering them rewards based on personal goals that they set. This could be in the form of a new instrument if they reach a predetermined number of practice hours, or perhaps some other sort of reward based goal.

In many cases, this will help your son or daughter become motivated again, and you won’t have to be the strict parent that forces their kids to practice. Simply offering a reward, no matter the size, will do wonders to help your kids succeed.

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